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Why do I Feel so Attached to my Narcissistic Ex?

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

This is a common question as it relates to how one perceives their attachment to the Narcissist in their life.  In the beginning, it seemed they’d finally met their soul-mate.  The Narcissist showered them with “love”, praise, validation, understanding, and compassion.  They believed they’d finally found a blissful paradise with a partner whom they could grow old with.

This made it all too easy to sweep the first jabs under the rug.  And the next ones, and still the next, until finally, the rug no longer resembled its original flat and sleek form, but a covering for a mountain of debris.

Yet targets of narcissistic abuse try repeatedly to reshape the rug, spreading and evening out the debris to get a semblance of what it first looked like, instead of realizing the rug is ruined and should be thrown out.  When friends and family point out what an eyesore it…

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Everyday brings lessons to be learned. Madeleine Maya


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