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How to Get in Shape Using Psychology: 6 New Tricks From Research

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Relational Depth in Counselling

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Relational Depth in Counselling


“People are essentially trustworthy, can self-direct their growth, have the ability to understand the issues that plague their lives and find the appropriate solutions.” Carl Rogers, a prominent psychologist in his day, was the main proponent of the sentiment expressed in this statement. However, Rogers reiterated that the ideal environment must exist and be conducive for clients to tap into their ‘actualising tendency.’

According to Rogers, the relationship between the client and the therapist, along with the right conditions, are the main determinants for achieving therapeutic progress. Relational depth must exist for the client to heal. This has been supported by research, including a study conducted by the American Psychological Association 12 years ago. Their research provided empirical evidence of the positive correlation between the therapeutic relationship and psychotherapy outcomes (Steering Committee, 2002:441)

Rogers Perspective of  Relational Depth

Rogers said, “If I can develop a particular…

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Therapy is change


I love working as a psychologist. I learn as much from my client as they (hopefully) learn from me, and that is why I see therapy more as team-work than anything else. It’s about finding the recipe for a life THEY want, and like a good cook, one has to experiment with the ingredients available to find something that the customer likes. People are different, so we cannot expect that every type of treatment will fit all people. One of the working elements in therapy, is still how connected the client feels to the therapists, no matter what type of treatment therapists use. This actually gives a lot of freedom for therapists, if they don`t get too scared by not having a “manual” that can be followed from A-Z (I am a bit allergic to manuals, even if I of course apply certain principles in a consistent manner). 

In Norway we…

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What adults can do about bullying

Victim Services


This week is National Bullying Awareness Week.  We’ve all heard the stories about bullying and how far things can go.  Too many kids now will choose suicide over the relentless tormenting and harassment that can come with bullying behaviour.  Being bullied has definitely changed over the years.  Now with social media it has evolved into something that can and will follow the victim wherever they go.  They get no respite from it anymore.  The threats and blackmail (sometimes emotional, sometimes physical) are now twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Before you might have at least felt safe in your own home.  Now you don’t because the bullying behaviour follows you there too.


As with all abusive behaviour, the abuser will often use something or some element of the victim’s behaviour or words as an opportunity for manipulation and to make sure they feel like 1. It’s all their…

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Trauma and Stress related Disorders

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