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How do Process Groups Function?

on December 20, 2014

Health Psychology Consultancy

Process Groups for Counsellors: How do they Function?

I recently introduced the concept of process groups for counsellors. In this blog, I explain how process groups function.

The unfolding patterns of relationships among and between group members, and how these impact each participant, including the development and nature of the group itself, is the primary business of such groups. This is different from clinical supervision, or other forms of therapy groups, though it may share elements of the latter.

Trust and Confidentiality

The first few sessions of a process group typically involve the facilitator and group members addressing the issue of trust, and how important it is in situations where personal exploration and openness are encouraged. To enhance honesty and openness, confidentiality pertaining to what happens in the group is also addressed. Facilitators typically inform trainees – and will ask them to talk about the issue – not to…

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