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On Self-Reflection

on December 20, 2014

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Self- Reflection


Turning your monocular lens inward isn’t the easiest thing to do. Very few people have the bravery to see themselves for all their faults. Fewer still are able to see themselves in all their true glory – because sometimes our faults, whether we guise them as benign or rationalise their purpose, are easier to see. We have outside help for that, of course. We can even have imaginary outside help filling our brains with ‘mush’ about how people ‘see’ us. Total strangers who are likely involved in their own self-reflections, we can hope, suddenly have the right to make you feel more or less worthy. But regardless of other influences, the true meaning of ‘finding yourself’ in self-reflection can affect how you see the world – and how the world sees you.


To quote Oscar Wilde, “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul…

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