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Betrayal. What should you do?

on December 22, 2014

Sexual Reminisces

The four steps

The Four Steps Before You Make Your Choice

If your partner is deceitful and you are not sure if they should leave,
Here are some important facts that you must first perceive.
There are four steps required before you can acquire a level-headed result,
Until you adhere to them your evaluation capabilities may be reduce or even come to a halt.

Lose the ANGER;
The first to address is the anger let me assure you I well know,
If you don’t control it, the confusion will grow.
Until you surpass it the right decision is difficult to make,
The only thing you are likely to achieve is a negative heartache.

Wait and OBSERVE:
When the shock has subsided it’s time to observe,
You will start to perceive things without uttering a word.
Once you’ve accepted all the facts that it brings,
You will see the reality of the situation you’re…

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