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Change Your Thoughts

on January 2, 2015

Elements of You

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If you could make just one change in your life today, what would it be? Would you change your finances, your job, your home life, your love life, your looks, would you want to be happier, what would be the one thing you would change now if you could? Take the time to think about this and the changes you really want to make, what is the one change that would make you happiest?

Ok now how many of you when you thought about making a change to your lives said to yourselves I want to change my thoughts, more than anything I want to change how I think. Does this sound daft to you, I mean why change my thoughts, I just want more money, why change my thoughts, I just want a better job, why change my thoughts, I just want my home life…

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2 responses to “Change Your Thoughts

  1. Thank you for reposting. Sending love, light, happiness and peace to you.
    In~Joy ❤ 🙂 ❤

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