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The Importance of Testosterone for Women

on January 2, 2015

Feminine Sexual Health

The Importance of Testosterone for WomenWomen Need Testosterone Too

When we think of testosterone, most people automatically associate it with the male gender.  In fact, many people are unaware that females actually produce testosterone too — a whopping 300 micrograms a day — and this hormone largely influences both male and female sexual health. With low levels of testosterone, a person may endure a lowered sexual drive, decreased arousal and reduced sexual arousal.  In women, testosterone helps maintain bone density as well as muscle mass.

It’s also important to note that testosterone goes beyond simply affecting a woman’s sexual health and bone density.  In order for a female to have a healthy production of blood cells, testosterone is needed.  When erythropoiesis — medical term for production of red blood cells — does not take place as it should, this leads to decreased red blood cells, and results in a consequential drop of energy.


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