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Covert Depression – Male Depression

on January 5, 2015

Silver Girl

Abusive Relationships and Covert (Male) Depression

The majority of men experience depression very differently to women. Some signs being issues with emotional intimacy, self medicating (drinking, drugging, womanizing), acting out, lashing out, dominance, aggression.

25 Ways to Man Up (via Chad Howse Fitness)

Often in abusive relationships both are partners are depressed, one overtly and the other covertly.

Covert depression is the tendency to externalize their depression by acting out in ways (drugs, alcohol, rage etc) that prevent them from internalizing it and feeling it more directly.

The capacity to externalize pain protects some people from feeling depressed, but it does not stop them from being depressed; it just helps them to disconnect further from their own experience.

Author Terence Real of the book ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’ says ‘From a purely psychological perspective we must understand that internalized pain and externalized pain are two faces of the same experience… short Men will usually find ways…

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