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It’s Not Too Late! (Really, It’s Not)

on January 5, 2015

Solid Rock Christian Counseling - Rebecca Turner, L.P.C.

It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now – that’s not only a catchy phrase, but also the title of a very good self-help book by Barbara Sher.

But this post isn’t about Barbara Sher or self-help books.

This post is about the fact that it’s January 4, and you either:

1) didn’t get to your New Year’s Resolutions made before January 1st, or

2) you DID come up with some, but you’ve already fallen behind.

And now you’re discouraged.

And it’s only January 4th.   And you’ve decided that resolutions are stupid.

My response to that is “So what?”

So what if you didn’t make a list of resolutions, but really wanted to?  So what if you made them and really meant it, but you’ve already stumbled and broken one (or 3)?  So what??

Resolutions, or life changes, are things you have to recommit to every single day.  It…

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