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7 Benefits of Maca Root for Women – Global Healing Center

7 Benefits of Maca Root for Women – Global Healing Center.

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The Health Benefits of Oil Pulling – Global Healing Center

The Health Benefits of Oil Pulling – Global Healing Center.

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If you recognise any of these symptoms in your partner/friends, beware.



Mindfulness through a lens

“The natural cure for stress is nature.”

– A.D. Williams

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Sociopathic Lying Pseudologia Fantastica and Mythomania

Sociopathic Lying Pseudologia Fantastica and Mythomania.

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Anger used by the sociopath and narcissist


anger and control

Sociopaths, narcissists and others like to use anger as a weapon. If they can incite you to anger they can control you. That is what it is all about. Control.

The narcissist in particular hates being ignored so will do anything to provoke a fight. Insults and lies are their favorite weapons. Don’t fall for it. You are the one that will suffer. These people feel nothing. In order to feel they must ratchet up emotion and they do that by inflaming situations and getting a reaction. They will attack for no reason and the victim’s first instinct is to protect themselves. These people feed on that reaction.

Anger can cause mental and physical harm. It brings out the basic flight or fight instincts and can increase heart rate and diminish the ability to think. A person without this response of course has the upper hand and will use it.

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That Painful Moment of truth.

Sexual Reminisces

That painful moment that I discovered you were a cheat,
The emotional trauma struck me from my head through to my feet.
I remember the awful shock and how hard my heart began to race,
I remember that numb empty sensation, like floating in space.
I remember that stomach churning butterfly feeling,
I remember the hot flushes revealing.
People kept telling me that you were indeed a deceitful flirt,
But I ignored them and now I feel humiliated, jealous and hurt.
Because while I bragged that we were a perfect match and you need no other,
You were stabbing me in the back as you entertained another lover.
I felt so neglected, disrespected, confused and robbed,
For the first three days my eyes became sore as I relentlessly sobbed.
Two months has passed since I was slapped with that moment of truth, so it’s fresh,
Even now when those painful…

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Attracted to danger.

Lucky Otters Haven

Danger caution tape

I think many survivors of narcissistic abuse find themselves drawn to narcissists–and find their danger appealing. We have to be very careful not to be drawn back into darkness, because that darkness can be very seductive, like a fist wrapped in soft black velvet.

I am an idealist and a romantic by nature. I’m an emotional person, even though I don’t always show it. Though I lack trust, I still want to think the best about all people. While I don’t hate narcs, I have to be careful not to feel too much compassion for them and allow that to make me make unwise and possibly dangerous decisions that could hamper my own healing and cause me to lose focus on what’s important.

Earlier today I woke with this crazy idea. I was going to start a second blog, a blog FOR NARCISSISTS. My argument was that they were human…

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