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Anger used by the sociopath and narcissist

on January 25, 2015


anger and control

Sociopaths, narcissists and others like to use anger as a weapon. If they can incite you to anger they can control you. That is what it is all about. Control.

The narcissist in particular hates being ignored so will do anything to provoke a fight. Insults and lies are their favorite weapons. Don’t fall for it. You are the one that will suffer. These people feel nothing. In order to feel they must ratchet up emotion and they do that by inflaming situations and getting a reaction. They will attack for no reason and the victim’s first instinct is to protect themselves. These people feed on that reaction.

Anger can cause mental and physical harm. It brings out the basic flight or fight instincts and can increase heart rate and diminish the ability to think. A person without this response of course has the upper hand and will use it.

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