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That Painful Moment of truth.

on January 25, 2015

Sexual Reminisces

That painful moment that I discovered you were a cheat,
The emotional trauma struck me from my head through to my feet.
I remember the awful shock and how hard my heart began to race,
I remember that numb empty sensation, like floating in space.
I remember that stomach churning butterfly feeling,
I remember the hot flushes revealing.
People kept telling me that you were indeed a deceitful flirt,
But I ignored them and now I feel humiliated, jealous and hurt.
Because while I bragged that we were a perfect match and you need no other,
You were stabbing me in the back as you entertained another lover.
I felt so neglected, disrespected, confused and robbed,
For the first three days my eyes became sore as I relentlessly sobbed.
Two months has passed since I was slapped with that moment of truth, so it’s fresh,
Even now when those painful…

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