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Death, Dying and Living Well

on February 9, 2015


We learn from our parents and elders. While we are children they directly teach us how to walk, talk, tie our shoes, get along with others, etc. Less directly they continue to teach us throughout our lives. Through their actions and attitudes, in fact by the sum total of how they “live”, they mentor, shape and guide our ultimate life choices.

We are strongly influenced by what we liked or didn’t like about how we were raised, thus shaping our own attempts at parenting. So goes each of the phases of our lives, as we choose our career paths, how we live in our middle years, how we embrace or decay in our old age and ultimately how we die, by what we have seen that we liked or disliked in our parents, grandparents and older friends.

The philosopher Piaget defined each of our successive human life phases from childhood…

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