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8 Beliefs That Limit Your Leadership Potential

Growing Leaders

Frosted-Mug-and-Beer-PitcherA follower, a manager, and a leader walk into a bar. They are all thirsty for a beer but the place is very crowded and it may be a while before they are served. Sure enough, many minutes pass and no one helps them. Feeling annoyed but unsure of what he can do, the follower continues to sit patiently for the waiter to arrive. Unhappy with waiting for the inefficient waiter to come by his table, the manager secures a menu from the hostess, analyzes the beer options, assesses the cost of an import vs. domestic beer, and finally signals his urgent readiness to order to the waiter across the room. Recognizing that there are three very thirsty people in her presence, the leader walks across the room to the bartender, communicates her need while extending a healthy tip, and returns to the table with three cold mugs and a…

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5 Choices For a Happy Healthy Primary Relationship

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Food is Fuel and Medicine

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Body Wisdom


Body wisdom is one of the key concepts I teach you in my coaching practice. Available in the Silver, Gold and Out Of This World packages, I give thanks every day for the life choices I made which brought me into this cutting edge approach.

Starting with Shiatsu 25 years ago, my daily practice included “body awareness”, a kind of meditation which brings you into presence with the sensations going on in your physical and emotional being at any given moment. By bringing awareness to each part of your body, a certain amount of letting go and relaxation spontaneously occurs.

Our bodies are constantly trying to bring us back into a state of balance. If we are holding onto some event that caused us distress, leading us to experience sorrow, anger or fear, and if we are not able to adequately process and release those feelings, the body will hold…

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5 More Choices For A Happy Healthy Primary Relationship

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Are You Selfish?

Helping Hand - Life Coaching

Are you SELFISH?  And is this a bad thing?

I am sure most of you would agree that we think of selfish people in a bad way, in fact it is often a complaint I hear from clients about their partners behaviour. We can attribute many qualities into the word selfish, such as inconsiderate, arrogance, self obsessed; generally words that we would not want to be used about ourselves.

So to be thought ‘selfish’ is not something we generally want! 

And this is where I often come up against resistance when working with clients, because at the route of much unhappiness, is the feeling of no control & lack of confidence, caused by a deeply ingrained need not to be a selfish person.  And in the case of girls and women, this gets amplified by the role of care-giver we are encouraged to play from early in life…

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A Quiet Moment

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Be Whole

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