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5 Choices For a Happy Healthy Primary Relationship

on February 24, 2015

The Mess. The Truth. Enlightenment

After coaching numerous couples and singles, living through my own relationships and seeing them for what they truly were after the fact, I have compiled a short list of choices both you and I can make to improve the relationships we currently experience.

1) Talk to each other, instead of talking through your issues with friends. If you aren’t getting enough of something, or are frustrated, upset or just bored, TALK TO your partner about it. Ive seen way to many people let the advice of their friends end their relationship or give the wrong information. Your friends ( the ones you had before your relationship) will generally take your side anyways and ditto for your partner ( if you even consult them). This will get you nowhere.

2) Have your own desires/ambitions/goals separate from each other. Its wonderful to love everything that they love, but we all need time…

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