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Body Wisdom


Body wisdom is one of the key concepts I teach you in my coaching practice. Available in the Silver, Gold and Out Of This World packages, I give thanks every day for the life choices I made which brought me into this cutting edge approach.

Starting with Shiatsu 25 years ago, my daily practice included “body awareness”, a kind of meditation which brings you into presence with the sensations going on in your physical and emotional being at any given moment. By bringing awareness to each part of your body, a certain amount of letting go and relaxation spontaneously occurs.

Our bodies are constantly trying to bring us back into a state of balance. If we are holding onto some event that caused us distress, leading us to experience sorrow, anger or fear, and if we are not able to adequately process and release those feelings, the body will hold…

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5 More Choices For A Happy Healthy Primary Relationship

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Are You Selfish?

Helping Hand - Life Coaching

Are you SELFISH?  And is this a bad thing?

I am sure most of you would agree that we think of selfish people in a bad way, in fact it is often a complaint I hear from clients about their partners behaviour. We can attribute many qualities into the word selfish, such as inconsiderate, arrogance, self obsessed; generally words that we would not want to be used about ourselves.

So to be thought ‘selfish’ is not something we generally want! 

And this is where I often come up against resistance when working with clients, because at the route of much unhappiness, is the feeling of no control & lack of confidence, caused by a deeply ingrained need not to be a selfish person.  And in the case of girls and women, this gets amplified by the role of care-giver we are encouraged to play from early in life…

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A Quiet Moment

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Be Whole

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3 Things Horses Teach Leaders

The Lead Mare

For the past several years, I’ve been incorporating the wisdom of horses into all sorts of leadership development workshops. Over this time I’ve learned a lot about my own leadership brand and purpose. I’ve also worked with some amazing equine-guided rockstars who’ve inspired me. And I’ve seen incredible lessons offered by horses to people who have strong desires to step up their leadership games.

Horse-to-human...oh the lessons you can hear! Horse-to-human…oh the lessons you can hear!

As I look ahead to spring, I’m beyond excited to continue my journey with horses and LIVING my passion for helping develop leaders who will do EPIC shit in this world!

The upcoming Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse workshops that I’ll be facilitating with my business partner, Kami Guilder (in my beloved Arizona and beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado) are going to be powerful. As we plan for these events, my heart starts pumping harder, my mind reflects…

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Thinking Your Way To Excellence

Gina T Life Coaching

It’s crazy when we think about where we are right now and how we ended up here. It’s also crazy to think that though we have control over a lot of what happens in life, there are so many things that have shaped us, affected us and given us whatever foundation we started from, as well as the perception that has brought us this far in life.  I have definitely changed my perception and broadened my outlook to include more than what my small, naive ideas were when I first entered adulthood.  There were so many things that kept me stagnated and wondering if there was ever going to be anything more.  I believe that a lot of loss early in life can make one less able or willing to build relationships that may have the potential to disappear without explanation.

When I took time to think about this a…

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What does it take to be humble?


“Every person that you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

February 22nd is Be Humble Day!

When I came across this celebration I was curious as to how you can celebrate something while being humble – isn’t not celebrating the point?

Still I love the idea of being mindful on this day and practising humility.

Humility is an important quality for a coach, its like a tool of our trade.

To be able to silently listen, not just hearing what our client has to say but really listening and tuning in to what they are not saying.

We are passionate about serving others and being humble is all about looking to serve others and thinking about yourself less.

It is about remembering that we are but one person in a world of many.

It is being courteously respectful of others as we are…

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Aprender a escuchar

Vanessa Nane

Muchas veces cuando nos introducimos en el mundo de la música nos olvidamos de una de las cosas más importantes: escuchar. Como pasa siempre, todos pensamos que escuchamos, todos pensamos que respiramos bien, que sabemos vocalizar…¡llevamos toda la vida haciéndolo!, pero no es así. En realidad, nadie nos ha enseñado a hacer correctamente esas cosas. Las hacemos por inercia y, muy probablemente, no las hagamos todo lo bien que deberíamos.

Una de mis frases más recurrentes cuando enseño a mis alumnos es la de que “el cuerpo es vago por naturaleza”, esto es, busca realizar su función con el máximo ahorro de energía posible. Esto, unido a que vivimos en una sociedad en la que se nos enseña que la eficiencia está íntimamente relacionada con la velocidad de aprendizaje y realización, hace que lo que realmente importa – aprender las cosas bien – sea en realidad lo…

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