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May the sunsets of your life bring you peace and joy! Madeleine Pujals Maya

Sunsetting on the Pacific Coast

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2 Quote A Flower Daily – Inside Calla Lily

2 Quote A Flower

2 Quote A Flower Daily - Inside Calla Lily“The people who will dance with you in the rain…will walk with you in the storm”.


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St. Francis of Assisi Quote – Frase de San Francisco de Asis

Elizabeth Cárdenas - Writer/Escritora

“Empieza por hacer lo necesario, luego haz lo posible y de pronto estarás logrando lo imposible.”  ~San Francisco de Asis “Start by doing what’s necessary; then, do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doind the impossible.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

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A Force for Good : The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World ~ Daniel Goleman

Evolutionary_Mystic Post

Publication date: 6/23/2015

For decades, the Dalai Lama has travelled the world, meeting with people from a wealth of countries who differ greatly in their background, social status and viewpoint, bringing them his own individual wisdom and compassion. In his encounters with everyone from the inhabitants of shantytowns in S o Paulo and Soweto to heads of state in Davos and Washington D.C., the Dalai Lama saw similar problems: a set of values that have helped the very rich to advance beyond the multitudinous poor, a disregard for the environment that could lead to global catastrophe and governments in paralysis, bereft of positive, progressive policies of any sort.

Now, as he turns eighty, having built up a profound knowledge of the world we live in today, as well as a penetrating grasp of its scientific context, the Dalai Lama gives us his vision for a better future. Challenging what he…

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11 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Toxic Person

James Michael Sama

While it is of course important to set our standards and understand within ourselves what we want when in a potential teammate, it is equally as important to understand what we don’t want.

Part of defining what we don’t want in a partner is knowing what kinds of people are going to make us happy and what kinds are going to bring negativity to our lives. Toxic people can discourage you, hinder your progress in life, and contaminate your mood. They are also the reason that we become jaded from negative pasts – without negative people, this wouldn’t be a worry.


Of course none of us are perfect and most of us have probably been guilty of one or two things on this list during our lives, but the key here is to look for patterns. If these things are inherently part of someone’s personality, walk away.


They are…

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Borderline, pass, fail – BPD and testing those we love

Life in a Bind - BPD and me

Part of the frustration of learning more about BPD and becoming more self-aware, is the sense of feeling boringly and predictably ‘textbook’. I can just hear my therapist laughing at this point, at yet another example of wanting to be ‘special’ – which in this case is manifested as annoyance at being simply pedestrian. I’m having that feeling of predictability, right now. It’s coming up to the two-week Easter break, and the mood in therapy (at least my internal one) has changed. It’s not just that I’ve suddenly entered the zone of ‘stage-fright’ – the term my therapist used to refer to the anxiety and indecision that takes over when I enter the last fifteen minutes of our one-hour sessions. It’s the fact that I strongly suspect that I am testing her again; which, as far as my own behaviour goes, is utterly predictable in the light of the upcoming…

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A Responsible Father.

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sometimes is better to be … alone…!

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Dating and Domestic Violence

Healing Hands of Arizona

Dating and domestic violence: any act, attempt, or threat of force by a family member or intimate partner against another family member.

05_respect_posters_DATING VIOLENCE3

Dating and domestic violence occurs in all socio-economic, educational, racial, and age groups. The issues of power and control are at the heart of family violence. The batterer uses acts of violence and a series of behaviors to gain power and control.

Behavioral Signs:

  • Intimidation: Smashing things, abusing pets, destroying victim’s property, displaying weapons.
  • Threats: Making and/or carrying out threats to harm the victim, to commit suicide, to report him or her to child welfare, to make him or her drop charges.
  • Isolation: Controlling what the victim does, sees, and reads, limiting who the victim talks to.
  • Emotional abuse: Putting the victim down, calling him or her names, making him or her think he or she’s crazy, playing mind games.

Warning Signs:


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