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10 Of The Most Annoying But Effective Things You Can Do To Have A Happy, Healthy Relationship | Thought Catalog

10 Of The Most Annoying But Effective Things You Can Do To Have A Happy, Healthy Relationship | Thought Catalog.

via 10 Of The Most Annoying But Effective Things You Can Do To Have A Happy, Healthy Relationship | Thought Catalog.

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Wounded Healer Quotes

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Hey Beautiful, You Deserve Love

Silver Girl

Self-compassion, self-love, self-acceptance

The majority of people who read my blog have been wounded in some form or another (neglect, trauma, sexual, emotional/ psychological or physical abuse). All abuse is equal and damaging no matter what its form.

Often the trauma or abuse originated in early childhood (even if you can’t remember any serious abuse from your immediate family  – remember you can’t consciously remember what happened to you or who hurt you when you were very little) … and often very traumatic events are stored differently (very deeply) as a survival mechanism.

I found out at 47 that there were huge secrets in my family. I got regressed after years of chronic ill health and depression and finally answers came up that made sense.

I had always wondered why I was ‘different’.. why I suffered from childhood depression, why I was a little ‘space cadet’ (dissociative) and why I was so creative and…

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Healing Narcissism: “Stephen’s” story.

Lucky Otters Haven


I am not a licensed mental health professional and as such, have done no studies or surveys to find out if the healing regime I am going to propose here would actually work on people with NPD. I have no guarantee such a therapy regime would work, but I feel like I’ve done enough reading about the disorder (NPD in particular), both from Internet material written by a number of people, and books by professionals who specialize in this disorder, to outline a possible therapy regime I feel might give sufferers of NPD (as well as BPD and other disorders of the self, and even PTSD) who want to get better some hope of doing so. This is not a therapy I “made up,” since I am not qualified to do so, much less diagnose anyone with any disorder. Instead, it’s an almagamation of several different therapies–drawn from both…

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Not every narcissist has NPD.

Lucky Otters Haven


As has been done with autism spectrum disorders, it’s becoming increasingly common to think of NPD as falling on a spectrum of narcissism, ranging from normal or healthy narcissism (which most of us have to some degree) all the way to psychopathy/sociopathy (variations of Antisocial Personality Disorder or ASPD) at the top. What we call malignant narcissism is actually NPD shading into ASPD.

Narcissism is a normal trait that helps us survive, but it becomes pathological when there is too much of it. On the narcissism spectrum, just below NPD and above healthy narcissism is a disorder called The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern, or DNP. It’s not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), but Dr. Nina Brown has written books about the disorder, which I haven’t read yet (I never even heard of DNP until a few days ago), but here is a description of DNP:

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How does Aspergers Syndrome differ from Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD)?

Lucky Otters Haven


I never heard of Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) until last night, when I was reading Nyssa’s Bio (on her blog Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole), where she said she suffered from NVLD, which is very similar to Aspergers Disorder but not quite the same thing. Some mental health professionals believe NVLD is actually part of the autism spectrum, higher functioning even than Aspergers. Aspergers itself could be thought of as a social learning disability.


I decided to find out more about what this disorder and what the differences are, and I came across this well written article, and decided it belonged here too.

Aspergers Disorder and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities:
How Are These Two Disorders Related to Each Other?

By Dr. David Dinklage

There is clearly a great deal of overlap between Aspergers Disorder (AD) and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD), so much so that it is possible that the symptoms of…

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