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Coaching is a commitment

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Being Purposeful At Work and Everywhere Else

Leading Essentially

I had the opportunity to learn from a very special person this week.  His name is Richard Leider, and his purpose in life is to promote the value of having a purpose.  He spoke of an amazing opportunity.  He was being invited to live with the Hadza tribe of central Africa for a number of days. 

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Your Mask

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Why You Should Look for a NEW Job TODAY

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What is Mindfulness?

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“Be free where you are” by Thich Nhat Hanh

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Lemon Water

Advanced Weight Loss Resources

About two years ago, my wife had a gallbladder attack. It was scary. We though she might be having a heart attack. We were moments from going to the hospital when the pain started to subside.

Of course the night of the attack, we were not sure what was happening to her. The next day, she (though research) figured out that it was a gallbladder attack and not a heart attack. The last thing we wanted to do was get her gallbladder removed. Not only could we not afford that, but we thought it was just a bad idea given our philosophy of health. Instead she decided to handle her problem through nutrition.

There are many things my wife began to do as a result of her attack. One of those was to start her day by drinking 1/2 cup of warm lemon water. I also participated in the daily…

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What is your “leanest liveable weight”

Optimal Health Coaching

Recently I converted my blogs from another site to this one, wordpress.  In doing so I have started exploring some of the other health and fitness blogs on here.  Along the way I came across a simple three words an author had written.  “Leanest liveable weight”.  These three words struck me greatly!  I think finding your leanest liveable weight is what so many people struggle for!

Most of us have had an experience where we are ‘trying too hard’ to be lean, fit, and skinny.  We are doing things like 1)  Eating too few calories, 2)  Exercising too much, 3)  Taking pills or supplements etc. to get leaner 4) Doing things that aren’t so natural, to achieve our results.  Most of the time we do get very skinny, while at the same time we may start to be freezing cold all the time, choose going to the gym over social…

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the gift of self awareness

SHiFT the way you THiNK

IMG_1267 (1)

Understanding who we are in a culture that wants us to hide, pretend and prove ourselves is a beautiful gift. It can be a confronting journey, this one of self-discovery, but it is also one of the most empowering and rewarding. We all have a certain level of self-awareness, but true deep awareness is quite rare, particularly in this very externally focused and narcissistic society we live in. The false self, the one we are often more familiar with, is driven by the ego, the desire to be right, the need to prove ourselves or desire to hide. Discovering our true self empowers our journey forward and is at the very core of becoming the person you really are and deeply want to be.

Without an awareness around your internal core, you will not be able to create the change needed to become a healthier and more effective person. Creating awareness…

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