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The Realm of the Narcissist

on April 27, 2015

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

The Realm of the Narcissist

 ~ by Ether

Whilst we live in a world full of beauty, love, depth, feelings, thoughts and experiences, narcissists do not. They don’t possess the capability to see such a world, nor to appreciate anything in it, including you, and so they don’t waste any time there trying. They prefer instead to bring people into their maze realm that they can control.

Narcissists cannot operate in any profound way with another person, nor are they interested in learning how to.  But, they are desperately dependent upon other people to survive, to progress, to receive praise, and to fulfill their hidden uncontrollable and incurable desire to frustrate, humiliate or destroy, often as covertly as possible so that they can enjoy the other person’s confusion.

Narcissists cannot offer any type of insight, recognition, responsiveness, or reciprocation that is part of a healthy and fulfilling life; they can in fact only operate…

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