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Be like water

on May 11, 2015

Fiona Juan -Author and Coach

Glass of water

I’ve always had an affinity to water. In my persuit of wanting to know how everything works, I see that this life format has one essential component : WATER

Chilled me.

Having been enjoying the first few weeks of my new business journey, getting used to the more modern formats of everything, I have started to take things for granted a little. It has been about finding my flow. I have been navigating this stream of energy that forms patterns with everything around me, clearing areas that need work, and finding the quiet eddies that allow me to breathe.


Yesterday, this great stream of electronic flow came to a grinding halt. In the middle of all the frenetic work to launch the One Percenter’s Club, my site went down. My YouTube ground to a stuttering halt as internet speeds faltered. In meetings for most of the day, I vowed…

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