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“I Am Safe”

Silver Girl

Social Anxiety And Setting Boundaries

I came home, read my emails and felt a sense of dread as another man has private messaged me from the group.

It’s stressed me out.

It’s hard for me to remain calm in these situations. I have issues with men… I have been traumatized by men.

As I start socializing with a mixed gender group obviously I’m going to have to learn how to deal with males.

I didn’t mind talking to them at the group .. but privately after I have barely spoken to them – isn’t that weird…? I guess I start getting scared. It’s not a conscious thing, somehow I’m triggered.. I can only assume those who trigger me are the ones that aren’t safe for me.. I guess I am learning self protection at 47!!

I have never liked male attention, some women thrive in it. The minute I grew…

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Love And Healing

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Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home.

via Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home.

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