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Narcissism is a family disease

on June 16, 2015

Lucky Otters Haven


First, a note to my readers:
I am posting one more blog post about Sam Vaknin, then moving onto other things. The reason I’ve been posting so much about him lately is because of the many writings of his I’m reading for the book I plan to start writing soon, but I don’t want to lose the focus of this blog–or give away too much more. This is a blog about narcissistic abuse (as experienced by an person with Aspergers), not the Sam Vaknin Analysis Blog. He’s gotten enough narcissistic supply from me for awhile and I really need to broaden my focus.

Moving on…

Children of narcissistic parents are always deeply damaged people. Because it’s a genetically inherited disorder (at least to some degree) but also because narcissism is a defense mechanism to protect and isolate oneself from abuse, many victims of narcissistic abuse become narcissists themselves. Those who…

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