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What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Coaching?


Sometimes, there seems to be a bit of confusion between Psychotherapy and Coaching, and depending on the professional, their practice, and even where they practice, there may actually be different degrees of overlap.

That said, here is a quick chart of general difference distinguishing Psychotherapy and Coaching (there are likely more and some exception may apply):



·        About addressing disturbance or dysfunction as well as enhancing function·        Solely about enhancing function
·        Inner work / Awareness oriented·        Outer work / Action oriented
·        Addresses underlying concerns·        Addresses external concerns only
·        Brings unconscious material to consciousness·        Only works with conscious mind
·        Enhance insight and self-awareness·        Clarify goals and enhance motivation
·        Focused on past, present, and future·        Primarily focused on present and future
·        Focused on personal outcomes·        Focused on concrete worldly outcomes
·        Focus on whole person·        Acknowledges…

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