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Podcast : Dealing with Perfectionism: The killer of Self-esteem

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Many people who suffer from low self-esteem are driven by unhelpful thinking about the standards they have set themselves in order to feel good about themselves. If you are one of these people then you have a lot in common with most of the clients I see. A commonality is that they are usually bright and intelligent and have achieved relative success in their lives. Yet their self-esteem stays low because they haven’t achieved the perfect way of being they believe they should obtain. We all know that it is almost impossible to get a perfect score in life and who really knows what “perfect” is?  How would we even know that we have reached perfection? Even being the best in the world doesn’t suggest being perfect. So the easy equation is…the more you try to be perfect…the more times you will fail!  How does this then affect self-esteem? the simple answer is hugely! What it…

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