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How many types of mental health professionals are there

on November 30, 2015

Admitting you need help is difficult. Seeking recovery for mental, emotional, spiritual, or relationship issues can be particularly challenging. You must also factor in your healthcare options. What services does your healthcare provider cover? Here are some options …. there are quite a few. Psychologist When many people think of a psychologist, the first image that […]


2 responses to “How many types of mental health professionals are there

  1. Lydia H says:

    There are different types of social workers. Some are also in private practice, not necessarily public employee. People usually child protective services but only a small number are employed doing that.

    Make sure any mental health therapist you find is licensed. There are usually two types- full clinical license able to practice independently . Others need supervision from a clinical worker. Generally, they’re recent graduates but still can be solid clinicians.
    Make sure there are no complaints against their license. Usually each state has a web site where you can find out if the social worker is licensed.
    Before the brain injury, I practiced in mental health… Basically holistic approach where I counseled and also helping with other issues like the ones you mentioned.

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