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Enjoy the little things…Holiday stress!


Sometimes it is difficult to remember to sit back and enjoy the holidays with the people you love. We spend so much time shopping, wrapping presents, returning presents, and attending holiday parties, all while already attending to our already busy schedule.

Here are some times to help you enjoy the holidays:

  • Try to find peace and joy in the season and focus on the moment you are in and not about the future.
  • Plan ahead, sometimes starting early with the decorations will help set your mind to ease. It’s never fun procrastinating setting up the Christmas tree and spending weeks worrying about it.
  • Try to keep the same routine for your kids, because they feel more secure when their days follow a predictable order. This helps keep your household peaceful and running well.
  • Remember what the holidays are about. Try not to get caught up so much with the physical aspects of the…

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12 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone


Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? As long you aren’t hurting others, you don’t owe them anything that takes away your happiness.

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