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The Power of Infidelity

Dr. Trace

During their relationship, couples face many challenging experiences. However, very few experiences have the power to permanently change the course of a relationship, as does infidelity. The most current studies, from nationally representative samples of United States residents, report that roughly 20% of adults have sexually or emotionally cheated on their spouse or partner. In addition, infidelity is the number one reason cited for divorce, as many couples cannot get over its devastation.

That being said, not all couples end their relationship. Some couples choose to engage in counseling. According to marriage therapists, infidelity is one of the three leading presenting problems in couples therapy. In addition, many marriage therapists report that over 25% of their clients express that infidelity has been a problem in their relationship. And while infidelity is one of the most difficult problems to treat, it can often be a powerful catalyst that finally gets reluctant…

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