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Discover your talents. Art Reflections by Madeleine P. Maya


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Travel, Learn New Cultures, New Places, New People, New Food, New Landscapes. No one can ever take that experience away from you. The World is your Best University. Madeleine P. Maya


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Only you can define your success. Photo Reflection by Madeleine P. Maya


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Reflecting On What Counts — MakeItUltra™🛡

via Reflecting On What Counts — MakeItUltra™🛡

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Daniella Urdinlaiz / lookcatalogFound on AskReddit. 1. Scrub behind your ears. “As someone who used to be a hairstylist, please scrub behind your ears! More people than you think forget to clean the crease behind their ears and have yellow/white/sometimes green if it hasn’t been cleaned in a really long time gunk in the fold…

via 75 Great Hygiene Tips To Practice So You Aren’t Smelly And Disgusting — Thought Catalog

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