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Those who ask for therapeutic help are healthier individuals than those that to do not. It takes insight and strength to reach out for help. It takes healthy coping skills to reach out. Don’t be afraid! Photo Reflections by Madeleine P. Maya


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Psychotherapy is indicated when you can not solve problems and conflicts, trauma, differences with yourself or others on your own. Do not sit on the option of asking for help for long. Do not allow the problem to get to a critical moment before reaching out. Look for help and get it as soon as you realize that the issues are not getting resolved with your own resources and coping skills. The longer you wait, the more skewed the problem becomes making the issues more difficult and taking longer to resolve. Photo Reflection by Madeleine P. Maya


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Couples, there are no couples without problems to be resolved. All Couples have problems. Distancing your selves from one another does not resolve issues. Separating from each other is conflict avoidant. This does not resolve dilemmas, it causes more problems. Stay together to resolve your conflicts. Communicate, understand the other, listen, and be humble with your partner. DO NOT avoid the problems and or conflicts. DO NOT blame. Hold yourself accountable for your own share of the problem and help each other resolve the conflicts. Blaming and separating from each other does not resolve problems it only creates more. Photo Reflections by Madeleine P. Maya


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