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Window 1281 – Bloom with what you have — A Window Of Wisdom

Acceptance of right now, will birth greatness to what is coming. ~ WOW ~

via Window 1281 – Bloom with what you have — A Window Of Wisdom

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Lea Dubedout1. You woke up and he wasn’t the first thought on your mind. In fact, you haven’t thought about him in a while. 2. You made your favorite breakfast and didn’t have to think twice about satisfying anyone but yourself. 3. You love your job. 4. You have a good group of friends that…

via 23 Little Reminders That You’re Doing Just Fine Without Him — Thought Catalog

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We must let go of what we cannot control, what we cannot change. We must focus on what we can. We waste our time when we worry and become anxious over that which is out of our hands to manage and modify. Focus instead on your actions and reactions. That is really our only real control. Photo Reflections Madeleine M. Pujals


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