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When things are not going right in your relationships, always review your own actions before you look for blame in the other. Photo quote by Madeleine P. Maya


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It’s Never too Late to Learn, to change, to start a new. It’s Never Ever TOO Late. Begin living the life you want today. Madeleine P. Maya


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When there is difficulty in Anger Management there tends to be a struggle with Assertiveness and Boundaries. These are inclined to happen together. Madeleine P. Maya


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Síndrome de Procusto: Prescindir de quien sobresale | EXCELLENCE MANAGEMENT

La incapacidad para reconocer como válidas ideas de otros, el miedo a ser superado profesionalmente por un subordinado o la envidia pueden llevar a algunos directivos o mandos intermedios a …

Source: Síndrome de Procusto: Prescindir de quien sobresale | EXCELLENCE MANAGEMENT

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