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There is more joy in giving than receiving. Giving kindness, love, affection, compassion, understanding, help, a smile, a hug and more! Photo Reflection by Madeleine P. Maya

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Madeleine helps others help themselves.

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50 Intimate Ways Women Want To Be Touched (That Have Nothing To Do With Sex) — Thought Catalog

Brandon Woelfel1. Brush a strand of hair out of her face and push it behind her ear. 2. Tilt her chin up before you kiss her. 3. Come up behind her and wrap your arms around her in a tight hug. 4. Hold her hand and squeeze. 5. Rest your hand on her thigh when you’re sitting beside her. 6. Play footsie with…

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Is there Success from Failure? — The Evolutionary Mind

Success from Failure There are so many examples of success from failure in the world. If you speak to someone who has built a business, or is “successful” the most common trend will always be that you have to be willing to fail over and over until you find success. Now, this might seem unattractive…

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3 Easy Ways to Add Touch for Well-being — VKI Personal Development

Author and Certified Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew teaches The Art of Touch, an eclectic range of human activities in which the artist creates from his or her imagination and four simple movements, sensory masterpieces intended to be appreciated for their emotional power and beauty. She is the resident holistic health and life coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta where she brings a weekly Health & Healing Chronicles moment that empowers listeners on their journey to optimal health and healing. To learn more, or to register for upcoming classes or workshops visit

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Accept you completely — Couples Counseling in Portland


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Start where you… — Sacred Touches

**Images via Pinterest; collage by Natalie

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You’re More Likely to Have Herpes — Feminine Sexual Health

A new estimation from the World Health Organization (WHO) says that about two-thirds of the global population under the age of 50 has herpes simplex type 1 virus, (HSV-1), more commonly known as oral herpes. Over 3.7 billion individuals around the world are infected with the virus, which shows up in the form of cold […]

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Happy Holiday! May it be blessed with love and peace!

Reflections by Madeleine P. Maya

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Effort, Indeed — Cast Light

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” – Aeschylus “Effort at times” may be an understatement. When we realize that we are bound so often by our mindset and that we have choices, we are free. Choices to stay, to leave, to speak, to remain quiet. Not choosing is an answer too, one that […]

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