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We are all connected! Photo By Madeleine P.


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Spirituality is balanced and compassionate. The spiritual person does not have to scream it out. On the contrary, it is peaceful and listens. She or he just is, with steadiness and kindness, and wisdom. Photo thoughts by Madeleine P. Maya


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“Intimacy And the Fear of Exposure” “This does NOT mean that you blab your life story to just any ol’ e-date of any new friend. Intimacy is a slow, trust-validated process. Trust is the keyword and you can’t just TRUST anyone with your life, your secrets, your thoughts. People really can hurt you, they can use your words against you. They can tell the world. About you. So take your time. Be discerning. Just something to think about. Copyright 2007, TherapyDoc Posted by therapydoc at 5:18 ” Shared by Madeleine P. Maya

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Creativity helps Reverse the Adverse Effects of Emotional Repression. A good way to heal our built-up painful and hard to name emotions is through the use of visual self-expression and imagery; therefore, having a daily creative practice can help us begin to turn back the clock on our learned repression. Taken from the “Psychology of Beauty, the idea of this blog is to explore connections between human psychology, art, and beauty. Written By two brothers Jeff Rogers, graduating from Columbia University School of the Arts he realized that he is more interested in exploring human psychology and understanding what triggers our reaction to art and beauty. Seven years later Jeff completed his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and started working at YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities. This blog is Jeff’s hobby project that he runs together with Allan Rogers and(his brother), who teaches psychology at Ryerson University.” Information and photo shared by Madeleine P. Maya


Photo taken by Madeleine P. Maya

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