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Build These 10 Daily Habits to Boost Happiness

on May 29, 2017

Healthy Life Perspectives

1. Wake up early

Your productivity will increase, you will get a jump-start on your day, and you will already feel like you have accomplished tasks before 11 a.m.

2. Morning: Meditate, pray, feel gratitude

When you first wake up, take time to feel grateful for anything and everything you have–family, friends, pets, working body parts, running water, air to breathe, a job, a life. All of these things compose your life, and that’s what makes everything special, simply the fact that you are LIVING is one of the most incredible things. Take time to recognize your place in the natural world and your positive role in people’s lives.

3. Make a To Do List and cross off the tasks as you complete them

This helps you stay on schedule, and it is incredibly gratifying to feel like you have accomplished something, no matter how big or small. This also…

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