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PARENT ROLE By Madeleine Maya, MA, Psy.D. BHT

on August 11, 2018


1069263_492496270835131_774779072_n A parent’s role is to guide with love, respect, firmness, and consistency. The most effective teaching, guiding strategy is your modeling. Words are empty if they are not congruent with the actions. Behaviors can be reinforced both positively or negatively. The more you ignore correct behavior the more you should expect future negative behavior as that will certainly evoke a reaction.

You are here to teach them about self-worth, self-confidence, love, respect, kindness, citizenship, responsibility, commitment and many more character building values. Your words will mean nothing if your actions are not congruent with your words. Actions and being a role model speak much louder than words. Children do as they see more than what they hear.

Children need boundaries, they need limits. Children need structure, consistency. They need to learn rules and how to follow them. Children need to learn that behavior have consequences and that can only be…

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