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New Times with Corvid-19 by Madeleine Maya, MA, Psy.D., BHT — MadeleineMaya

Originally posted on Madeleine helps others help themselves.: Accompanying these times of social distancing and containment, this is an ideal time to bring on new skills to our lives and self-growth. Use this valuable time to enjoy your homes, family, and pets. Do things together, talk, listen, and be affectionate with each other. Strengthen the…

via New Times with Corvid-19 by Madeleine Maya, MA, Psy.D., BHT — MadeleineMaya

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Relationship Tips by Madeleine Maya, MA, Psy.D., BHT




Humans and the human condition have made relationships quite complicated. However, they can be relatively simple if we follow basic relational skills.

  1. Be kind, help others.
  2. Be compassionate, learn to be empathetic. Learn to put yourself in the others shoes, situation, conflict or predicament.
  3. Be understanding and not judgmental.
  4. Actively listen to others. Look at them in the eyes, listen, don’t feel obligated to have to solve their problems. Just listen and let them know that you are there for them, be supportive. Don’t dismiss their feelings, empathize, but do not be sympathetic. There is a huge difference between the two.
  5. Respect others. Respect who they are and how they think, feel and believe. Everyone has the right to have their opinion, values, and vision of how they perceive life.
  6. Don’t try to change others. Accept them as they are.
  7. Communicate clearly and directly.

Discuss the issues to be…

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via 7 Tips On How To Survive Mother’s Day For The Motherless — Confessions of a Parentless Mother

Mother’s Day is one of the hardest day for the Motherless. We roam around surrounded by the posters telling us what to buy our Mothers for the draining day. Well, stupid signs, you can buy a Mother’s Day gift and send it to heaven, so stop telling me to buy something! What about the radio […]

via 7 Tips On How To Survive Mother’s Day For The Motherless — Confessions of a Parentless Mother

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Happy Mother’s Day for all of you wonderful Mothers. Many Blessings and Enjoy your day! Madeleine P. Maya

IMG_2319.jpgFoto By Madeleine P. Maya

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Child creativity by a 4th grader! Madeleine P. Maya

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Sometimes there is more said in Actions than in the words uttered! Listen closely with your eyes, your heart, and your intuition. Reflections by Madeleine P. Maya


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Positive Vibes to all of my followers! Madeleine P. Maya

v i b e s

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Reflections by Madeleine

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The 5 Don’ts of Dysfunctional Family Communication — THE COUNSELING MOMENT

SOURCE: Eric Scalise, Ph.D. Every family has its own unique set of rules. They are typically established by parents and set the tone for communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution, as well as defining the parameters for how relationships are supposed to function within the home environment. Sometimes these rules are written, perhaps even posted; however, […]

via The 5 Don’ts of Dysfunctional Family Communication — THE COUNSELING MOMENT

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