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via 7 Tips On How To Survive Mother’s Day For The Motherless — Confessions of a Parentless Mother

Mother’s Day is one of the hardest day for the Motherless. We roam around surrounded by the posters telling us what to buy our Mothers for the draining day. Well, stupid signs, you can buy a Mother’s Day gift and send it to heaven, so stop telling me to buy something! What about the radio […]

via 7 Tips On How To Survive Mother’s Day For The Motherless — Confessions of a Parentless Mother

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Happy Mother’s Day for all of you wonderful Mothers. Many Blessings and Enjoy your day! Madeleine P. Maya

IMG_2319.jpgFoto By Madeleine P. Maya

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Madeleine’s Creative Reflections.

Copy of Madeleine's Support Group

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Brené Brown: Create True Belonging and Heal the World with Lewis Howes

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Watch “6 Types of People Who Do Not Deserve to Hear Your Shame Story | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN” on YouTube


The other day I went to a job interview where I was asked very personal questions and basically mocked so I think it is important to keep very clear boundaries and not to let in people to your personal sphere in a work place .

Human beings are not great at trusting so it is important to practice caution and not to let your guard down too easily .

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37:38 “You HAVE to Make a CHOICE: Am I Going to SHOW UP?” – Brené Brown (@BreneBrown) Top 10 Rules Evan Carmichael 377K views 15:05 10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Recommended for you 20:39 Listening to shame | Brené Brown TED 2.4M views 11:36 Low Self Esteem (How to Get A High Self Esteem) Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Recommended for you 17:52 January 21, 2018: (HD) Sunday Sermon by Dr. Brené Brown at Washington National Cathedral Washington National Cathedral 98K views 13:35 How To Forgive People Who Hurt You – Stop Hurting Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Recommended for you 20:50 The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown TED 7.7M views How to Stop Absorbing Someone’s Toxic Energy Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Recommended for you How to Be YOU Around NORMAL People *AMAZING* Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Recommended for you Brené Brown: Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count 99U 1.6M views 10 Things You Do That Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Recommended for you New Oprah Winfrey Interviews Abraham & Esther Hicks: THE LAW of ATTRACTION and THE SECRET (Soul Series) Manifest My Own Destiny Recommended for you The Truth About Your Calling With Seth Godin & Marie Forleo Marie Forleo 277K views Mel Robbins: CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOURSELF Law of Attraction Coaching Recommended for you Brené Brown Video | SXSWedu 2017 | Daring Classrooms SXSW EDU 112K views Brené Brown Shows You How To “Brave the Wilderness”

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Unconditional Amor! — riyashethblog

When you talk about love, it has to be unconditional. There is really no such thing as conditional love and unconditional love. It is just that there are conditions and there is love. The moment there is a condition, it just amounts to a transaction. Maybe a convenient transaction, maybe a […]

via Unconditional Amor! — riyashethblog

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Reflections By Madeleine P. Maya

As individuals that have the responsibility to our future beings we need to  guide children to be complete and intact, as we prepare them , let us teach them to  have healthy adult relationships, and develop into strong, positive individuals. Abilities to manage their emotions, overcome challenges, and develop pro-social relationships impact their wellbeing.

We need to teach them life skills such as to learn self -discovery, self and social – awareness, self-management, decision making, assertiveness, time management, self-worth and self-love, empathy and connection.

Somehow we have lost these human values and have forgotten how significant they are for our a functional society.  Schools should incorporate these basics skills in their curriculum with psychoeducation as part of their core classes in Middle and Highschool.

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Intimacy with your partner is basic to a happy relationship. Explore with them the following questions; “1. Physical: How and when do you like to be touched by me? 2. Mental: What can we talk about that is interesting and fulfilling to you? 3. Emotional: How can I make you feel safe to talk openly about your feelings? 4. Spiritual: What gives you meaning in life that you would like to share with me?” Randi Gunther Ph.D. Randi Gunther Ph.D. Rediscovering Love

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Vulnerabilities for infidelity can be linked to relationship problems such as conflict avoidance, fear of intimacy, or life cycle changes like the transition to parenthood, and empty nesting. Some dissatisfied partners begin an external relationship as a way of exiting an unhappy relationship. And frequently the involved partner will re-write the relational history in order to justify an ongoing affair. It is unreasonable to compare a forbidden love affair that is maintained by romantic idealization with the routine familiarity of marriage and long-term coupling. Glass, S. (1998, August). Shattered vows. Psychology Today, pp. 34ff.


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