Counseling, Coaching, Psychology, Therapy

About Madeleine

I have a M.A. in Psychology, I am a Family Specialist and have a Psy.D. I provide understanding and caring support to individuals & families dealing with life challenges, behavioral problems and  family relationships.

I am a consultant and a psycho educator in these matters. I am not a writer, nor have I ever been good at it. However, I am going to venture myself in this area with the hope that I can continue to inform, guide and service all those that need support and want it. I have developed two face book pages one in English and another in Spanish posting information that I find along the way to provide those with resources that look for help for themselves. I do the same with a twitter account @Made58. Following is my facebook web page; Google+1

I thank you for visiting my Word Press and hope that it is of some help to you if nothing more than to provide you with a refresher of knowledge.


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