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Social Anxiety? 3 Reasons to Try Group Therapy — PushUP24

Embed from Getty Images Does this sound like you? Social gatherings fill you with dread. Panic starts even before you leave. You cringe at the thought of your own awkwardness, imagining all that could go wrong. As you get closer to the event, your heart races, your palms sweat. You start to consider excuses for […]

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Which Archetype Are You?

Which Archetype Are You?

Which Archetype Are You?
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Relationship Tips by Madeleine Maya, MA, Psy.D., BHT




Humans and the human condition have made relationships quite complicated. However, they can be relatively simple if we follow basic relational skills.

  1. Be kind, help others.
  2. Be compassionate, learn to be empathetic. Learn to put yourself in the others shoes, situation, conflict or predicament.
  3. Be understanding and not judgmental.
  4. Actively listen to others. Look at them in the eyes, listen, don’t feel obligated to have to solve their problems. Just listen and let them know that you are there for them, be supportive. Don’t dismiss their feelings, empathize, but do not be sympathetic. There is a huge difference between the two.
  5. Respect others. Respect who they are and how they think, feel and believe. Everyone has the right to have their opinion, values, and vision of how they perceive life.
  6. Don’t try to change others. Accept them as they are.
  7. Communicate clearly and directly.

Discuss the issues to be…

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