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How Smiling Contributes To Our Happiness

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We all love seeing people smile. We all love making people smile. It’s a fundamental human trait. It’s also highly infectious and seeing someone smile causes us to react with our own grin even if it’s with a stranger.

Smiling is something we did often as children – smiling, laughing, playing and just being in the moment and enjoying it. I think I read somewhere that children laugh and smile around 200-300 times a day while adults, on average, only smile around 20 times. What the hell happened?! I guess many would say that life happened. Stress, worry, anxiety happened – everything that comes with modern life and ‘adulting’.

Everyone knows smiling is good for us – we release those feel-good endorphins and we all know these help us to feel happier and less stressed. There are numerous other benefits too – a hearty laugh exercises the body and stretches…

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8 Ways To Create a Positive Day From Your Morning Routine

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We all know that starting the day on a positive note can set us up for a more positive day. But how often do we do this? How often do we intend to get up 15 minutes earlier but once that damn alarm goes off we reach out for that snooze button?

A lot of the time we can end up rushing too much in the mornings which can inadvertently cause us unneeded stress, anxiety and panic. But is this really necessary? Do we realise how much a structured morning routine can help us with our day and overall happiness? Don’t get me wrong, I know how hard it can be sometimes to get the strength to get out of bed especially if you’ve had an unrestful night sleep or you have trouble sleeping in general. But there’s a great power in getting up a little bit earlier.

1. Appreciate…

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Choose to Learn

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Whatever you do, DO IT with LOVE and PASSION! Madeleine P. Maya

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You are WHOLE all on YOUR OWN! Madeleine P. Maya


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Remember- No one completes you! They can only Complement you! Madeleine P. Maya


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30 Healthy Promises To Make To Yourself Before Turning 30 — Thought Catalog

Look Catalog1. Half of what you’re feeling is probably not even heartbreak—it’s just anxiety over losing a source of comfort. 2. You are free. 3. The sweetest “revenge” is simply living and thriving in your own beautiful life, without them. 4. C’mon. They weren’t really that good in bed. 5. You can now live without…

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Embrace Change. Do not run from it, do not avoid. Adjust to it, it’s part of life. Madeleine P. Maya


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Are you a Highly Emotionally Intelligent person?

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People aren’t… — Sacred Touches

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