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Thinking Your Way To Excellence

on February 18, 2015

Gina T Life Coaching

It’s crazy when we think about where we are right now and how we ended up here. It’s also crazy to think that though we have control over a lot of what happens in life, there are so many things that have shaped us, affected us and given us whatever foundation we started from, as well as the perception that has brought us this far in life.  I have definitely changed my perception and broadened my outlook to include more than what my small, naive ideas were when I first entered adulthood.  There were so many things that kept me stagnated and wondering if there was ever going to be anything more.  I believe that a lot of loss early in life can make one less able or willing to build relationships that may have the potential to disappear without explanation.

When I took time to think about this a…

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2 responses to “Thinking Your Way To Excellence

  1. I appreciate you sharing my post and look forward to reading your blog posts.

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